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Services 101

Services Marketing 101

Services and Software Technology Firms have a very unique set of characteristics which require different marketing strategies.

You already know that Services are intangible and invisible. They cannot be owned or measured in specific terms like products. Due to this the entire process for buyers to select and retain services is completely different from purchasing products. Very different critical factors come into play and therefore the marketing priorities are different.

In Services 101 we outline the key concepts that must be understood before undertaking any form of Inbound marketing. Once these concepts are understood, only then can the marketing strategy be developed to yield the most powerful and tangible results. We offer a clear methodology of concepts along with real live Case Studies of Service firms marketing using the ideal methodologies. The case study method is used and is based on the model which Harvard University employs for many of their courses.

The outline of our course is as follows :

Critical Concepts

  1. E4 Model
  2. Buyer Psychology – APPPS Model
  3. Services Buy Cycles
  4. Budget Alignment

Tactical tips

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. SEO
  3. Content
  4. Lead Nurturing
  5. Social Media
  6. Design

Executives & Experts

  1. Owners / Partners
  2. Marketing Executives
  3. Industry Experts

Your service or technology firm is unique… the buying process and decision makers are different…
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