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Zamir Javer: Jumpfactor CEO


Zamir Javer: Jumpfactor CEO

Zamir brings are diverse background of experience to the Jumpfactor Team.   His past interactions and engagements with Services firms of varying sizes has enabled him to develop a very in depth understanding of how Service firms are selected and retained.   His marketing experience coupled with this experience has allowed him to  bring unique insight into the exact strategies and methodologies that result in high levels of revenue growth for service firms.Below is a summary of the various areas of experience.

Cross Border USA / Canada Real Estate Hedge-fund – Legal , Accounting , Tax

Cross Border Distressed Property Acquisition – Legal , Tax, Accounting

Land Development and Property Construction – Legal , Accounting, Tax

Securities Exempt Market Dealer – Financial, Legal, Tax

Management of Venture Capital Seed Fund – Legal, Tax, Accounting

Procurement  & negotiation of contract for of over 50 Business Software Applications from Top Tier vendors.  Analysis of over 200 vendors.

With regards to business development and marketing, Zamir brings a wealth of experience in strategic partnerships, and service based strategies that have successfully grown his own and other businesses at high rates.

Corporate Furnishings – national and continental distribution of product

Contract Interiors – contract furnishings franchise business development

Investment Capital – investment capital marketing and raising of equity

Fashion Distribution– Fashion services marketing and sales distribution

Digital Marketing Outsourcing– Digital Marketing outsourced services for Agencies

Motor Vehicle – Distribution of used high end vehicles within Canada

Your service or technology firm is unique… the buying process and decision makers are different…
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