Meet our Digital Marketing Team

Our team consists of highly engaged and enthusiastic marketers and developers with a wide range of experience in various digital marketing methodologies. We continually involve our team in ongoing training and digital marketing strategy development to ensure we are utilizing and employing the latest technologies and methods for client campaigns.

Your project managers are known as Digital Marketing Experts (DMEs) since they have undergone a full range of intensive training covering Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing methodology, E4 process training, Conversion Optimization and tracking, and many more processes on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in joining a high powered team environment that thrives on learning and client success, visit our careers page and get in touch.

A seasoned entrepreneur & visionary, Zamir has orchestrated the digital success of several organizations. Meditation and focus are his keys to success.
Alana is passionate about human resources and strives to continually improve employee experiences.
Olaf Pijl
Olaf PijlDelivery Manager
Award-winning marketing geek. Analytics advocate. Passionate about performance. Olaf helps his team achieve marketing successes through innovative, data-driven strategies.
Pardeep Singh
Pardeep SinghProcess Manager
Pardeep comes with over 10 years of experience with B2B and B2C Companies of all sizes. Having setup and lead several digital teams from scratch, Pardeep is always up for a conversation about digital operations and innovative digital strategies.
FaridaDigital PR
Being self taught Farida loves continuing to learn more about the fast paced world of Digital PR.
DannyClient Services
Danny brings a data-driven approach to digital strategy activation and ongoing optimization. He loves audiobooks, camping, and everything Marketing.
Samuel Gluck
Samuel GluckClient Services
Samuel is a digital marketing strategist with a passion for SEO, PPC and all things marketing. Samuel seeks to drive result with a data first mindset.
Vladimir Ilinov
Vladimir IlinovClient Services
Vladimir is a digital marketing strategist with 6 years of SEO and CRO experience. He has worked in a myriad of B2B and B2C industries, delivering demonstrable results with a testable, iterable, data-driven approach.
ArunaClient Services
Aruna is a digital marketing strategist with experience in B2B and B2C industries and firmly believes in the data driven approach to marketing. She is a martial arts enthusiast and loves to talk about all things ancient and mythological.
Dmitriy is a SEO Strategist with more than 9 years of experience. He loves travel, cooking and testing new tactics in the SEO world.
Mike is an SEO analyst specializing in technical analysis & driving organic traffic for clients.
Naum is a self-taught SEO specialist with an interest in programming, who is always working to stay on the cutting edge of digital. He also enjoys snowboarding, weight lifting, video games, and discussing life’s greatest mysteries.
Anoop is a digital outbound specialist driving highly targeted lead generation campaigns for B2B clients. He loves ocean drives and reading.
Bohdan Shakshuiev
Bohdan ShakshuievSEO
Bohdan is a self-taught SEO Analyst passionate about everything Digital. Loves political podcasts, old school video games and healthy food.
Dean Content
Dean works with clients to deliver engaging site content that aligns with the brand identity. He’s been known to play guitar when only his cat is around.
Bilal Content
Bilal is a Content Writer with experience in online news content, blogging and community management. He’s a fan of espressos in the morning.
Alex Content
Alex is a content creator with experience in all forms of written, video, and audio content. He’s a big fan of all things basketball, specifically his beloved Lakers.
Aleeshah Ahmad
Aleeshah Ahmad Design
Aleeshah is a Graphic Designer that is enthusiastic about developing effective and efficient design solution. She loves to draw, cook and travel.
Ruby brings her administrative and financial prowess to the team. Her hobbies include travel, dancing, and making sure everyone is aligned.
ShamualWeb Development
Likes to solve complex problems with automation and simplified processes. He loves gadgets, programming and learning new technologies.
SayemWeb Development
Building complex web functionality while simplifying the user interface keeps Sayem going. Multi-user online battle games and photography help him unwind.
Sally Carr
Sally CarrSales
Sally has a passion for technology, marketing, and sales working with some of Toronto’s top SaaS companies. She loves collaborating with her clients and building successful B2B relationships. Sally enjoys cooking, road trips, and bingeing on her faves on Netflix.
Leo Goglidze
Leo GoglidzeSales
Leo is driven by working with cutting edge inbound marketing methodologies. He takes a consultative approach to understanding and solving key business challenges for clients.
HiringMarketing Strategist, Toronto
HiringMarketing Strategist, Toronto
HiringMarketing Consultant, Toronto
HiringMarketing Consultant, Toronto
HiringSEO Strategist, Toronto
HiringSEO Analyst, Toronto
HiringDesigner, Toronto
HiringHR Manager, Toronto
HiringOffice Manager, Toronto
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