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Meet our Digital Marketing Team

Our team consists of highly engaged and enthusiastic marketers and developers with a wide range of experience in various digital marketing methodologies. We continually involve our team in ongoing training and digital marketing strategy development to ensure we are utilizing and employing the latest technologies and methods for client campaigns.

Your project managers are known as Digital Marketing Experts (DMEs) since they have undergone a full range of intensive training covering Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing methodology, E4 process training, Conversion Optimization and tracking, and many more processes on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in joining a high powered team environment that thrives on learning and client success, visit our careers page and get in touch.

Zamir Javer
Zamir JaverCEO
Zamir is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience of providing expert inbound digital marketing advice to a variety of B2B clients. He has orchestrated the digital success of several organizations, with some clients getting 7000% ROI as a result. As a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Zamir also has over a decade of experience mentoring young entrepreneurs. As for his keys to success? Zamir credits everything to meditation and focus.
Danny Zecevic
Danny ZecevicClient Services Director
With over 10 years of B2B marketing experience, Danny is a true expert in improving client satisfaction and ensuring targets are consistently met for all client portfolios. Danny successfully builds best-practice processes and systems to scale up Jump factor’s account and project management teams, which enables them to better serve client needs, and increase opportunities for account growth. He carries a wealth of experience in understanding client needs and ensuring outstanding deliverables across a variety of industries.
Peter Northcott
Peter NorthcottClient Services Director
An MBA graduate with 10+ years of B2B digital marketing experience, Peter brings a wealth of local/international experience to Jumpfactor. As a Director of Client Services, he is responsible for delivery across a portfolio of accounts, as well as the growth and development of the Client Services team. Peter comes with a high level of business acumen and operational proficiency due to his background in account management, business strategy, and technical execution.
Dmitriy Shelepin
Dmitriy ShelepinSenior SEO Analyst
Bringing well over 10 years of experience in implementing SEO for clients in the public and private sector, Dmitry is Jumpfactor’s most experienced senior SEO expert. At Jumpfactor, Dmitry spearheads the design, execution, and refinement of strategies for improving relevant organic traffic for our clients’ website and mobile platforms, while increasing visibility and conversions. In addition, Dmitriy also provides guidance and training for the junior SEO staff.
Miguel Salcedo
Miguel SalcedoSenior Digital Producer
Miguel brings more than 20 years of Digital Marketing Communications and Development experience, and over 9 years in advertising agencies, focused in local and regional digital businesses. He functions as the Senior Digital Producer and has a passion for the digital world, experimenting with new technologies and implementing best practices. His hard work and creativity produces some of the best-looking campaigns and websites for our clients.
Anoop Vijayan
Anoop VijayanOutbound Specialist
A veteran digital strategist, Anoop is responsible for implementing our clients’ digital strategies. He specializes in managing outbound marketing campaigns, and SEO for Jumpfactor. Anoop has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and is HubSpot Certified (Inbound Marketing). Previously, Anoop has worked with the International Churchill Society as a Content and SEO Strategist. In his free time, Anoop loves to travel.
Ruby Sanin
Ruby SaninFinance Specialist
Ruby has been with Jumpfactor since the very beginning in 2010. Since then, she has been managing the company’s account receivables, payables, taxes, payroll, employee benefits administration and financial monitoring and reporting. Ruby is a Certified Public Accountant and has a MBA. Outside of work, she loves travelling with her husband and youngest son, reading non-fiction books, watching musicals and sampling various cuisines from the best restaurants.
Dipen Mistry
Dipen MistryHead of Growth
Dipen joined Jumpfactor with over 12+ years of experience in marketing, with specific experience in helping B2B firms like Microsoft, PCM, and Insight scale their inbound. He contributes to the overall success of sales at Jumpfactor by meeting and exceeding sales goals while consistently exceeding customer service experience goals. Dipen has also increased client exposure and brand awareness by leveraging SEO, SEM and social platforms’ – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
Mark David
Mark DavidContent Manager
Mark received his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Concordia University and possesses 12+ years of experience in writing and editing, in addition to 6 years within the digital marketing industry. Mark has worked with well-known firms such as Yellow Pages, and also founded his own content company where he provided editorial and content services. He strives to produce quality content and helps to manage incoming content from our writers.
Jacob Grubb
Jacob GrubbGrowth Expert
Jacob plays an integral part of Jumpfactor’s Sales and Business Development Team. He has helped businesses grow using personalized inbound marketing methodologies across a variety of verticals. He has a strong portfolio of clients who have achieved and surpassed their business goals by connecting with him and becoming a part of Jumpfactor’s clientele. Jacob takes initiative and provides prospective clients with unique solutions to their needs.
Jill Mahony
Jill MahonySr Digital Marketing Specialist
Jill is an experienced account manager with over 8 years of experience to multiple industries. She is diligent and strives to ensure that deliverables and targets are met for her clients through planning, to execution. She is a team player who comes up with unique solutions for her clients needs through understanding her client’s goals thoroughly. Jill is a dedicated worker and a quick study, which has helped her grow into her role with Jumpfactor in a short span of time. Her strong management skills have enabled her to excel as an Account Manager in any Industry.
Stephen Karmazyn
Stephen KarmazynContent Manager
Harbouring a strong passion for writing, Stephen is an internationally published journalist and content marketer. He spent four years writing about financial markets and securities before joining Jumpfactor. Throughout his professional writing career, he’s covered the space industry, tech and marijuana stocks, homelessness in Toronto, the European Union, and more. He’s been published in the Globe and Mail and Financial Post, among other outlets.
Pavel Kosiuk
Pavel KosiukDesigner
Pavel brings 5+ years of valuable UX design experience from working with over 50 major B2B companies in the Canada & US. He creates interfaces, through having a deep understanding of user behavior, heat mapping, working with quality data, creating wireframes, prototyping and designing interfaces based on Atomic Design principles. Pavel has won multiple awards for Best Design projects, and is proficient in a variety of software’s including Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Analytics, Social Media Content Creation, Web Development, HTML and CSS, WordPress, and so many more!
Victor Nogueira
Victor NogueiraDeveloper
Victor is one of the Front End Developers at Jumpfactor with 5+ years of marketing and developer experience. Victor is well versed in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, developing custom websites using Figma, XD, Sketch, and more. His experiences prior to Jumpfactor as a co-founder of a digital marketing firm has lead him to provide valuable insights and solutions for the Jumpfactor portfolio. He is passionate about his role and genuinely enjoys development work.
Myralyn Sobrio
Myralyn Sobrio Outbound Specialist
Myralyn is one of Jumpfactor’s Digital Marketing Specialists supporting the sales team. She is well versed in data analysis and contact sourcing. She specializes in generating industry-specific contacts and gathering data on outbound campaigns at Jumpfactor. Myralyn provides valuable insights to the sales team based on her assessments of outbound campaigns. Prior to Jumpfactor, Myralyn worked in the education sector and received her Masters in Applied Linguistics..
Bojan Stojkovic
Bojan StojkovicDigital Marketing Specialist
Bojan is an experienced Social Media Specialist, with over 7+ years of experience in the industry. Bojan successfully contributes ideas,and concepts, while overseeing multiple digital projects, managing client relations and coordinating with team members. Bojan received his Bachelors of Economics Accountant and is an expert in Prospect Research & Market Analysis.In his downtime, Bojan enjoys staying active in through Soccer and in the gym!
Tamara Nicevic
Tamara NicevicDesigner
Tamara is one of our experienced and enthusiastic Web designers at Jumpfactor. She is creative and has an out-of-the-box mindset; she sees things beyond the traditional frame through a designer’s perspective. Tamara’s characteristics that stand out are a positive mindset and energy that spread onto the team to create a healthy and prosperous environment. She sees things differently, mixing them up with creativity in order to deliver products that exceed expectations.
Abhinav Kumar
Abhinav KumarContent Manager
Abhinav is one of Jumpfactor’s content managers, bringing nearly 10 years of communications and content management experience with him. He has written for major law firms, legal publishers, and worked extensively with authors. Abhi strives to write compelling content and he is always on the lookout for great storytelling. More recently, he’s become smitten with SEO and dreams of nothing but the goal of obtaining Featured Snippets.
Nickey Pickorita
Nickey PickoritaSEO Analyst
With over 7 years of SEO-optimization experience, multiple Google Analytics Certifications, Nickey is an expert in identifying, and analyzing marketing methods, data insights, and advertising channels. Nickey’s knowledge of SEO combined with his strong analysis skills allows him to make informed suggestions for clients regarding new, potential product/services, markets, and advertising opportunities. Nickey works closely with our internal teams & clients to ensure deliverables exceed expectations.
Sriram Sivaraman
Sriram SivaramanDigital Marketing Specialist
Sriram is a journalist-turned-digital marketer with 7 years of experience working with top media brands. As a ‘full-stack digital marketer’, Sriram brings with him a wealth of experience to help businesses thrive in the cybersphere. Prior to Jumpfactor, he worked as deputy news editor for India’s No. 1 English news television channel, a digital marketing manager for a top media conglomerate. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s in psychology.
Berk Kalyoncu
Berk KalyoncuPaid Ads Manager
Berk is responsible for managing clients Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads account with putting forward a strategy to satisfy business needs. Berk brings more than 5 years of Digital Marketing and Pay Per Clicks experience. Prior to Jumpfactor, He managed ads account all around the world both B2B and B2C; From USA, UK , Canada , Australia, China, and Europe.
Sergey Golovashkin
Sergey GolovashkinSenior UX Designer
With over 10+ years of industry experience, a Masters in Computer Science & Bachelors in Information Science, Sergey brings a vast amount of knowledge in IT, UI/UX Design, B/A and Strategy, Business Automations, Web Development, and Education. Sergey has successfully worked with a variety of high end clients to help them reach their goals, including two of the world’s largest fabric manufacturers, four banks, one air-charter company, and approximately 80 small-medium sized businesses.
Viktor Velychko
Viktor VelychkoSEO Analyst
Viktor is our SEO Analyst, with over 15+ years of industry experience in on-page & off-page SEO optimization and local SEO. He is able to successfully identify the best content strategy and provide quality recommendations and opportunities for our clients. Viktor also has pursued his Google Analytics Individual Qualification and Good Ads Search Certification, making him a subject-matter expert! In his downtime, Viktor enjoys spending time with his family, cycling and treasure hunting!
Vladimir Serbin
Vladimir SerbinSEO Analyst
Vladimir is an SEO Specialist, with 4+ years of extensive experience in Keyword Research, WordPress, Drupal, Onpage & Technical SEO. He graduated from National University of Ukraine with a Masters in Law, and soon after found a passion for strategizing SEO. He is familiar with various softwares including Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SemRush.SerpStat, KeyCollector, and many more! In Vladimir’s downtime, his hobbies include playing guitar, and Go. Fun fact: he also speaks 5 languages!
David Wray
David WrayContent Manager
David received his Bachelor’s degree in Arts & Science from Trent Universitymajoring in English Literature. He possesses 8+ years of experience as a marketing copywriter and has worked with multiple award winning agencies, both traditional and digital. writing and editing, in addition to 6 years within the digital marketing industry. In addition, David has an In-depth knowledge of SEO, talent for engaging long/short-form copy, ability for efficient and fast quality content creation, and strategic online-marketing approach. In his free time, David loves writing science fiction and fantasy novels.
Miranda Edrees
Miranda EdreesRecruiter and Culture Manager
With Miranda’s 7 years of team-building and customer service experience she is able to manage HR-related responsibilities. Miranda strives to find the best talent to grow the Jumpfactor team, while engaging with team members to develop unique activities that improve team spirit, and emphasize the culture at Jumpfactor. Outside of handling HR related tasks and company culture Miranda enjoys improving the body, soul and mind with running, yoga, and pilates.
Aldi Xhafa
Aldi XhafaFront End Developer
Aldi joined JumpFactor as an experienced Front-end Developer, with over 10+ years of experience in building websites, mobile applications, and web applications. Aldi received his Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering with a demonstrated history of successfully working in the industry through his strong detail orientation and critical thinking. In addition, Aldi constantly strives to constantly learn and enhance his skills. On Aldi’s downtime, he loves to spend time with his son.
Sajjad Rezai
Sajjad RezaiFront End Developer
Sajjad is a Front End WordPress Developer with nearly 7 years of experience in developing websites on various platforms. He knows CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, but enjoys working on wordpress. As a member of development team at Jumpfactor he does do web development, mostly front-end, publishing web pages converted from designs, resolving web issues and adding new features to clients’ websites.
Michel Karakach
Michel KarakachDigital Marketing Specialist
Michel is a self-motivated team player that understands and processes and execution, along with skills to clearly communicate this value to clients and his team. With 5+ years of experience in the industry, Michel is committed to the understanding and executing strategies that are essential to each of his client’s success. In his downtime, Michel loves to play the drums, and is a musician with over 15 years of experience!
Leandro Baroncelli
Leandro Baroncelli Front- End Developer
With over 10+ years of experience in building, and designing websites, and applications, Leandro has a thorough understanding of all development aspects including, frontend development, HTML, CSS, WordPress, CMS, page builders, javascript/jquery,, and visual tools (photoshop, illustrator, etc.). He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Buenos Aires and has demonstrated a successful history of working within the industry and a variety of clients. In his downtime, Leandro enjoys playing music including guitar, piano, drums and singing.
Djamila Kafarova
Djamila KafarovaDigital Marketing Strategist
Djamila is an experienced Digital Marketing professional with 9+ years of industry experience. She is proficient in strategy-building, Paid Media & SEO & SAaS, and is able to successfully execute high-level projects, while managing a team. Djamila is an Honored Scholar from Georgian College and holds a Business Foundation & Marketing Diploma, along with Certificates for Google Analytics, Adwords, and Hootesuite. In her downtime, Djamila loves staying active, spending time with loved ones, and volunteering to coach aspiring entrepreneurs & marketers!
Sandeep Rajan
Sandeep RajanOutbound Specialist
Sandeep is an Outbound Specialist who is all about building relationships, learning every day, and building trust. With a Bachelors in Technology, along with expert skills in Data Analysis, Sandeep is a self-motivated team player and has great communication, and interpersonal skills. Sandeep has also pursued multiple certifications to enhance his skills, including Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google, Inbound Marketing by Hubspot. In his downtime, Sandeep enjoys Traveling, Motorsports and cooking.
Roland Sadiku
Roland SadikuSenior PPC Specialist
Roland brings 7+ years of valuable digital marketing experience, with an expert focus in Paid Media Campaigns (Google Ads. Facebooks ads, etc). Roland has proven to successfully worked with 100+ clients internationally and builds strong relationships with clients in order to better understand their objectives and he oversees implementation, delivery and execution of campaigns. With over 30+ PPC certifications, and a Bachelors in Computer Engineering, Roland is able to apply his expert knowledge to help his clients reach their unique goals.
Luka Djurdjevic
Luka DjurdjevicSEO Specialist
Luka brings over 7+ years of experience in SEO & SEM optimizations, and is able to successfully Develop optimization strategies that increase the company’s search engine results rankings significantly. Luka uses proven systems and strategies, and is adaptable with various industries (has worked with over 20+ different clients). Luka monitors, and communicates performance metrics to ensure the strategy is appropriate and exceeds the client’s goals. Luka holds a B2-level FCE Cambridge Certificate, and is currently completing his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computing.
Laura Kemmerer
Laura KemmererContent Manager
With a master of professional studies in publishing and a bachelor’s in writing, Laura brings a substantial amount of expertise to her clients. Laura has over 12+ years of experience in freelance writing and editing, in addition to being extremely adaptable to understanding various industries and their trends. Laura is an expert in SEO, copywriting, email marketing, and content development. On her downtime, Laura is an avid reader, love spending time out in nature, and enjoy watching and writing about movies
Michelle Poblete
Michelle PobleteTalent Acquisition Specialist
Michelle is a self-motivated and dynamic HR specialist, with over 7 years of experience in Talent Acquisition from a wide range of industries. She possesses a strong passion for Talent Acquisition, and brings a strong knowledge of best practices through staying up to date with industry trends and maintaining a thorough understanding of business needs through analysis, strategy and execution for SOP’s. Outside of work, Michelle loves staying active, spending time with family, and attending local live music events!
Natasha Corneil
Natasha Corneil Digital Marketing Specialist
Natasha is an experienced Digital Marketing professional with over 12+ years of industry experience. She has extensive history working with MSP clients, and specializes in BI, Computer Science and Real Estate. Natasha is able to successfully execute high-level projects, while managing a team, and always exceeding client expectations. One of her biggest accomplishments is becoming a product owner of her own Data & Analytics Software! On her downtime, Natasha loves spending time with Family, Friends, outdoors, Traveling , Yoga, and Meditation
Saabir Daya
Saabir Daya Digital Marketing Specialist
Saabir received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and possesses 6+ years of experience developing and implementing strategies to help promote and increase his client’s ROI’S. He has experience in managing various platforms, including Google Ads, website content and email marketing to deliver a persuasive and cohesive message to a client’s audience. In his spare time, Saabbir enjoys Skiing, Martials arts, camping, and going to concerts.
Priya Tugnait
Priya Tugnait Digital Marketing Specialist
Priya is a passionate, digital marketing specialist with 7+ years of digital marketing experience, Priya initially received her double major in Biology & Psychology, then went on to pursue her MBA in Strategic Marketing, with a focus on on Marketing anayltics and minor in Finance & Management. Her experience, comes from having a crucial understanding of her client’s needs, from various industries, and executing campaigns to ensure her client satisfaction and ROI’s. In her spare time, Priya loves to cook, dance and complete puzzles.
John Gil
John Gil Digital Marketing Specialist
John is an Account Manager, who specializes in all aspects of digital marketing. He has worked with businesses of all sizes and from all industries in North America, ultimately improving their bottom line by crafting creative solutions to solve their business objectives. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Georgian College, and has over 8 years of experience in creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations for the purpose of generating leads.
Paul Vicatto
Paul Vicatto Drupal Developer
Paul is a Drupal Developer with over 14+ years of industry experience, and a Masters degree in Computer Science and a Magister degree in Innovative Project Management. He has experience in Full Stack development, UI/UX design, and many other skills! Paul is able to analyze project requirements and proposes solutions utilizing standardized design methodologies in a clear, concise manner. In his spare time, Paul is passionate about Ballroom dance, he is Ballroom Dance Judge and was honored a Ballroom World Finalist in 2009.
Kalum Lamothe
Kalum Lamothe Digital Marketing Specialist
With over 8 years of digital marketing experience successfully managing over $7M in ad spend across various platforms, founding 2 successful digital marketing agencies, and inventing the world’s 1st heated vibration foam roller with interchangeable sleeves, Kalum thoroughly enjoys optimizing and scaling businesses. From being mentored by some of the world’s leading digital marketers, to now helping scale your business, Kalum thrives in meeting tight deadlines, surpassing expectations, all with a cheek-to-cheek smile
Ridhima Morris
Ridhima Morris Digital Marketing Specialist
Ridhima’s focused expertise lies within the digital sphere. With over 7 years of experience, Ridhima excels in providing intelligent, strategic and creative solutions to meet business objectives. She thrives in projects that combine her creativity with her analytical thinking and project management skills. She completed her undergraduate studies from Toronto Metropolitan University in the Radio & Television Arts program and then further pursued her Master’s degree, graduating from the Master of Digital Media program. In her free time, Ridhima enjoys gaming and spending time with her family and her pets!
Danny Senni
Danny Senni Growth Expert
Danny brings 10+ years of experience in Sales & Business development in IT & Marketing Industries, along with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Danny has a passion for developing innovative technology, and an abundance of experience in coordinating full product development lifecycle. In addition to his Sales Leadership role, he is passionate about launching products that solve problems and meet customers’ needs from all angles. In his free time, Danny loves to produce music, watch soccer and go snowboarding!
Yelena Gavrik
Yelena Gavrik SEO Specialist
Yelena brings over 3 years of experience as a SEO Specialist. She took interest in SEO, and taught herself core principles and best practices, and has since taken many training sessions and continues to improve her skills. Yelena holds a Master of Geography from North Kazakhstan State University, and had worked as an environmental engineer for 4 years, before exploring her career in SEO. In her free time, Yelena enjoys Russian classical literature, psychology and yoga.
Levi Rose
Levi Rose Digital Marketing Specialist
Levi is an experienced marketing professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. With four years of hands-on experience, Levi has mastered digital marketing strategies. He is fascinated by the blend of behavioral science and digital marketing, creating impactful sales funnels. Levi’s notable accomplishment includes successfully transitioning from an ESL Teacher to a Digital Marketer. Outside of work, Levi enjoys outdoor adventures with his Golden Retriever, engaging in activities like canoeing, kayaking, biking, and hiking.
Omar Al Farkh
Omar Al FarkhDigital Marketing Specialist
Omar is a skilled marketing professional with a Bachelors in Advertising Integrated Marketing Communications. Being Google Ads Certified in all campaign types, he possesses a deep understanding of digital advertising. With three years of experience, Omar thrives on the fast-paced nature of evolving tools and integrating AI in marketing strategies. His proudest accomplishment is completing an IRONSTAR Triathlon in Dubai. Outside of work, Omar enjoys playing basketball, immersing himself in anime, and stargazing to fuel his passion for astronomy.
Victoria Surla
Victoria Surla Content Manager
Victoria is an accomplished Content Manager with a strong background in marketing. With a Bachelor’s degree in Media Information and Technoculture from Western University and a Postgraduate degree in Strategic Relationship Marketing from George Brown College (GBC), Victoria possesses extensive knowledge in her field. With five years of experience, she excels in the creative and collaborative aspects of marketing, making a significant impact. Outside of work, Victoria indulges in reading, writing, traveling, and prioritizing physical fitness, leading a well-rounded lifestyle.
Brandon Cameron
Brandon Cameron Business Development Representative
Brandon is a Business Development Representative with a diverse background. Starting his marketing journey at 19, he ran his own team in Downtown Toronto. After attending Metalworks Institute, he landed a position as head of sales at Go Online. Brandon’s love for digital marketing lies in connecting with clients on a personal level and having enjoyable high-level conversations. In his downtime, Brandon enjoys quality time with friends, going to the beach, and working on his new album.
Felicia Pulo
Felicia Pulo Content Manager
For Felicia, digital marketing happened by accident. What started as an English & Psychology double major at the University of Manitoba turned into an ICT & Library Science Master’s degree at McGill University which turned into….a marketing career? She started freelance writing in the fall of 2022 and then was full-time at Jumpfactor in February 2023. Before that point, she was bouncing between an eclectic array of different jobs but is now feeling pretty settled into where she is. Digital marketing is the perfect way to get paid to learn new things, and she loves it for that!
Jigar Patel
Jigar Patel PPC Specialist
Jigar is a skilled PPC Specialist with a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree. With over 8 years of experience, Jigar excels in data-driven decision making and directly impacting business goals. He holds certifications in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads, and is an expert in lead generation through paid ads as well as landing page wireframe design. Outside of work, Jigar enjoys watching movies, web series, and listening to success stories podcasts.
Sudarshan Giri Drupal & WordPress Developer
Sudarshan is an experienced Drupal and WordPress Developer, with a BSc. CSIT degree from Tribhuwan University. With 8 years of experience in Drupal and WordPress, Sudarshan has successfully worked on multiple SaaS projects. Sudarshan’s passion lies in problem-solving, whether it’s developing new functionalities, troubleshooting issues, or improving team practices. He thoroughly enjoys applying analytical thinking skills to overcome challenges and find effective solutions in the realm of development.
Catalin Ghetau Web Developer
Catalin is a seasoned Web Developer with 10+ years of experience. His expertise lies in converting designs to WordPress or HTML, implementing responsive design, and utilizing Photoshop skills. Passionate about web design, Catalin’s dedication and enthusiasm drive him to work long hours and constantly learn. He has worked with various companies worldwide, gaining valuable experience. Excited to be part of the JumpFactor team, Catalin continues to expand his knowledge of digital marketing while delivering engaging online experiences.
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