Targeting Verticals, Don’t Be Afraid to Pigeon Hole to Get More IT Leads for MSPs


The role that IT and MSP firms play in their client’s business is integral to their success. Which is why most IT firms tend to work within a few different industries: so they can focus on specific industry elements and challenges (as well as convert MSP leads at a higher rate).

You’re more than likely to have multiple verticals your IT or MSP firms want to retain. Once you identify this ‘niche’, you can tailor your written content and initiate meticulously-planned campaigns that provide solutions to each particular vertical.

Not only does this mean that your team can speak their language in-office and on sales calls, but it means that you can easily assimilate into a part of their team if need be during a big project or emergency.

When done correctly, vertical-specific content and marketing can generate MSP leads for your firm. There is nothing wrong with pigeon-holing industries in order to increase your conversion rate.

Especially in IT marketing where the services can be targeted to health care compliance or retail environments, it’s important to show your prospective clients where you shine.

Personalize your content and your campaigns to cater to the requirements of that particular group. They’ll not only notice you, but appreciate that you’re catering to their problems and providing customized solutions. By adding extra benefits to your already value-added services you’ll have a leg up against the competition. For example, by proving to a potential healthcare client that you clearly understand the nuances of electronic health records compliance.

Vertical marketing is a customer-oriented approach to marketing. You might be concerned that targeting a vertical may mean your leads are limited, but in reality, you should see this as an opportunity to target your buyer persona and pinpoint your solutions to their pain points.

Vertical marketing is not a limitation, but rather an opportunity to show your audience you speak their language.

The benefits of vertical marketing are clear. Since you’re targeting niche marketplaces, your firm faces less IT lead competition, you can build better authority in your work, and develop better brand recognition. In B2B decision-making, a provider that understands the nuances of their industry comes off as a clear front-runner against the generalist.

But why take our word for it?

  • According to Hubspot, personalized emails result in 18X more sales than generic emails.
  • Buyers are 48% more likely to purchase from you when you target your solutions to specific business issues.
  • According to ITSMA, 81% of B2B buyers would pay a premium for services that clearly come with their specific industry experience

At first it may seem like you’re excluding audiences with vertical marketing. However, the reality of it is that you’re using analytics and data to reveal who you should be targeting. This is a more refined, intelligent way to market your IT services because you’re able to pinpoint solutions and make them available for specific groups.

A MarketingSherpa case study found that buyer personas added the following value:
a 900% increase in length of visit,

  • a 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue,
  • a 111% increase in email open rate,
  • and a 100% increase in the number of pages visited.

What we’re seeing, and what other inbound marketing firms are seeing, is that creating hyper-relevant content geared towards a target audience does wonders for your overall inbound marketing campaigns.

So, Get Started.

There are steps to follow to ensure that you’re reaching out to your specific verticals, whether it’s by industry, location, keywords or buyer personas.

Decide who your target verticals are

If there are obvious industries that your firm is attracting, or prefer to work with, those are your target verticals. As long as you can rely on that core niche industry as a continuous source of income and technology contracts, then you can rely on your website to focus on them.

If you’re spread pretty thin and don’t have a target, business may require that you focus on a couple of industries, get the experience and industry knowledge you desire, and target them specifically. A common suggestion in business is not to spread yourself too thin, otherwise you’ll be a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Focus on landing pages for specific verticals

Your MSP website should have clear sections that describe exactly how you have helped clients similar to them resolve their problems. Speak their language, prove that you know their day-to-day challenges, and that your team has specific industry knowledge.

For example, directly tell them that the IT you implemented saw other health clients raise their HIPAA compliance levels to above 85%, instead of continuing the common pattern of 5.3-day long data breaches.

As a side note, if you specialize in healthcare, but you aren’t one of the 51% of businesses targeting the healthcare industry in your MSP marketing, you’ll likely be losing out on their business.

Utilize keywords that address their exact problems.

This SEO implementation includes industry-specific research to ensure that you’re attracting your targeted buyers from Google search engine results pages (SERPs). You can’t do this without thoroughly understanding their challenges, wants, and needs. (Hint: Buyer persona research and strategy should always be done before your write a single piece)

Then, implement them on industry landing pages and throughout blogs directed to them to make sure they land on website at pages that are relevant to them, not just your homepage.

Create content that provides solutions

Creating eBooks and case studies that prove that you know that they are struggling with healthcare compliance and that you can, and have, implemented solutions that can address these pain points.

Your content should always work to solve their problems and show how your knowledge can move their business forward.

If you’re still a little lost on the best way to target your potential buyers; such as how to design your website to attract them, how to research the best keywords, and how to institute an IT marketing strategy that truly works to bring in more leads and conversions, give us a call at Jumpfactor – the top IT marketing company.

Our Professional SEO team & digital marketing specialists know what it takes to get your website working for you.


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