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Social media has taken on many forms, however the fundamental basics are the same. Businesses consist of human beings, and human beings interact with each other through social venues and platforms. By being present and participating in these interactions within the social platforms, a business can increase branding, generate leads, and manage their reputation.

However with the vast array of options it can become a very confusing and daunting task. The key is to have your social media agency or social media firm craft a solid social media strategy. This strategy then must be executed by your internal team or by employing social media services from an agency with experience in your field. When it comes to B2B companies and service based organizations, Jumpfactor has focused experience in helping service firms leverage social media for their marketing efforts. B2B social media is uniquely different in that it must factor in the various buyer profiles, and sales cycle stages to assist in nurturing and engaging leads as much as possible.

Effective Social Media Marketing requires a solid content strategy and also an inbound marketing strategy. For this reason Social Media is usually done in combination with the latter mentioned components; together a comprehensive package can be created which will yield the maximum ROI for your business. Visit our pricing page for details on complete Inbound Marketing programs.

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Pricing for our Social Media Services starts at $500 per month. All rates are negotiable. Most of our clients will have a custom package developed specifically for their target objectives. This usually will consist of a combination of Content Marketing and Marketing Automation. To get started contact us for a Free Expert Marketing Consultation.

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