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SEO Assessment

SEO Analysis and Audit

As SEO evolves continually there are ongoing challenges that companies face in trying to maintain traffic levels, never mind increase them. With our assessment services, our SEO experts will complete and SEO analysis and review of your site for all onsite and offsite factors which are impacting it. We will run various reports and analyze them, and finally present them to you in a report format with clear solutions and suggestions for improvement. Our service is not simply and SEO audit since we also go further and provide complete solution options and suggestions. Typical review reports can exceed 80 pages.

In some cases you may have suffered a Penalty and in these cases our team will provide a complete SEO penalty assessment to identify the exact problem, along with options and suggestions to remove the penalty and get your business website back on track. Our team has extensive experience in helping to identify and resolve Google Penguin, and Panda penalties as well as other types of penalties that you may be impacted by.


All rates are negotiable. Pricing for our SEO Assessment services  starts at $2500. Based on the complexity and size of your website or project, we provide a quote for the assessment before proceeding. To get started contact us for a Free Expert Marketing Consultation.

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