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Search Engine Optimization For B2B Companies

B2B Search engine optimization is the process of affecting a website with the objective of having it appear higher in the organic or “un-paid” search results. The premise behind this is that the higher a website appears within search results for specific keywords, the more traffic it will gain to its pages. A website that has been optimized by a professional SEO services or an expert B2B SEO agency will always stand up better against competitors in the long term. The process of optimization involves various methods which change from time to time; it includes making changes to the content and code of a website, as well as affecting the quantity and quality of various types of back-links (inbound links) which are pointing to the website.

Benefits of working with B2B SEO Agency

Having a B2B SEO agency handle your search engine optimization means keeping you in line with best practices, keeping you away from search penalties, and bringing you continually increasing results. A site which is optimized by a professional SEO agency will always be far ahead of competitor sites and this means it will benefit from higher rankings, and greater volumes of traffic. One of the key aspects of effective SEO is having high quality authoritative content which is architected by a B2B SEO agency. If you are a B2B company, then special consideration must be paid; a B2B SEO company will understand the nuances of your type of business.

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B2B SEO Services

Local B2B SEO Services

Complete SEO for local geo-targeted businesses or specific locations of National franchises. This is a turnkey solution to drive relevant traffic to a local SMB business. Some clients will require complete SEO Web Design, while others may have good sites already. Our team will select appropriate Geo-based keywords and optimize your business site as well as your local map listings to generate relevant traffic. This is the core focus of the service: generating traffic.

B2B SEO Consulting Services

Custom monthly consultation and training based on block hours per month is available to corporations looking to increase their SEO knowledge while addressing key SEO issues. These are programs tailored to your specific needs. Typical clients would have internal marketing teams and webmasters, and they would work with our team to address specific goals and help you increase your SEO effectiveness and ROI.

Professional B2B SEO Services

This is our Turnkey full service optimization and SEO management program geared to driving relevant targeted traffic to National businesses. Our full service program handles everything from site edits to back link development to analytics integration and reporting. A Dedicated Marketing Expert (DME) serves as the project manager for your campaign and works closely with you to ensure progress. You receive access to our real time rankings dashboard as well as a wealth of ongoing reporting.

B2B Video SEO Services

Jumpfactor will Optimize and rank your videos within Youtube and Google Videos so as to drive targeted traffic to your business and build brand awareness. This is a powerful way to drive very targeted and high conversion traffic to your business. The typical outcome of our B2B Video SEO is that your videos will also start to rank within Google organic results for relevant keywords, further driving high quality targeted traffic to your business and making you stand out significantly amongst the competition. Video creation services are also available to create compelling and conversion oriented videos.

Site/Penalty Assessment Services

A complete assessment of your website and optimization level is completed. This includes examination of all onsite and offsite factors affecting your sites performance. A detailed report is compiled and delivered to you with clear suggestions, problem identification, and implications. Note we provide solutions to all problem areas and this report can be upto 80-100 pages in length. Our expert SEO analysts will then present the assessment to you and your team.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

This program provides for setup and analysis of goals and funnel conversion paths. We make use of multivariate split testing along with various other specialized strategies to maximize the revenue from existing traffic. CRO is meant to effectively increase the amount of business you generate from site traffic by guiding the traffic through the most efficient paths, and by enticing the visitors to take actions in connecting with your business efficiently.


Jumpfactor employs a unique methodolgy called the E4 process. The process requires complete tracking, analytics, reporting and quarterly adjustments. These adjustments and communication along with goal and conversion tracking have allowed our clients to achieve significantly higher results than competitors using basic seo tactics or link building for rankings.

Typical progress is visible within 2-3 months in the form of increased rankings, and new indexed content and backlinks. Simultaneous traffic increases are visible followed by tangible leads or sales for your business. This process does vary depending on the current state of your website. However we have consistently been able to drive visible traffic to even brand new sites within 45-90 days of campaign start. Our experience has provided the unique advantage of knowing how to trigger the fastest content indexing and rank improvements for rapid results.

We do not place any limit on the number of seo keywords which can be optimized. We focus on as many keywords as are available to drive increasing traffic to your website. Our programs are based on amount of resource per month. This allows for complete transparency and accountability for you as a client. This also ensures that you see continued progress ongoing. If we generate top rankings for all your keywords, we do not stop there. We find new keywords, add new content and suggest continual improvements and additions for your campaign to constantly keep you moving forward. This is a rare concept amongst SEO firms. Most firms will focus on generating rankings and then try to minimize their costs and maximize their profits from your existing program. We focus on ROI and business for you.

Back-links are always generated from quality Google friendly sites. Links are always targeted to be from highly relevant domains and categories so as to provide you with the greatest benefit from them. Our backlink technicians seek out sites continuously in line with your business services and products.

The reporting provided by Jumpfactor is state of the art. We provide real time rank tracking, with KPI metrics. Complete charting including historical trending by keyword, allowing for granular tracking. Additionally we provide complete conversion tracking and reporting, traffic tracking and reporting as well as various other forms of work reports on a monthly basis. These are all accessible to you 24/7 via your custom client portal dashboard. This dashboard has won awards and is also sold to other SEO firms to use for their own clients as a paid tool. Our clients receive this at no additional cost. Rank tracking alone is no longer sufficient, and over time we believe it will become a thing of the past.

Our process has been proven to be highly resilient to any of the updates that Google has rolled out. None of our clients have been penalized nor lost any significant traffic. Many of our clients often see measurable increases in ranks and traffic after the updates since the links and quality content are being given higher credit with Google’s updated algorithms. We do not employ short term risky SEO strategies and as such our clients see longterm ROI and benefit. We also specialize in Penalty repair. If you have suffered from a Google Update contact us today for an seo penalty assessment and repair.

Budgets vary widely. Typical budgets range from 2% to 15% of revenue of your business. A study conducted by Bloomberg on the fastest growing companies showed that the most successful companies allocated as high as 10-15% of their revenues to digital marketing. This is a clear confirmation that digital marketing and SEO in particular are still the highest ROI form of marketing for any business.