SEO Content is Critical! Is Your SEO at Risk?



With the Recent additional Panda update in May 2013 we are seeing a clear undeniable shift towards increased weighting for High Quality content. Several website on the internet have lost significant traffic due to lack of proper content, and due to spam links. This presents a unique opportunity for great quality sites to catapult ahead and gain market-share. But key to achieving this is understanding and ensuring that you seo content is on track.

Is content important in today’s Online Marketing Environment?

Yes! More than ever before. Analysis is showing more and more that content-heavy sites which contain rich and original information are ranking higher, faster and for far more keywords when combined with professional SEO. Whereas links and proper onsite optimization are important, content is now playing a more critical role in online success. The lack of proper content can eliminate all progress and render a campaign ineffective!

Why does Google love content so much?

As the Internet has grown, so has the amount of information that is constantly being placed on it. This has made it difficult for search engines to determine which sites are the most relevant and credible. As such, search engines have always been trying to “weed out” the weaker and lesser quality sites. One of the outcomes of this is that, even if you have a credible business, if your site has far fewer quality pages of content as compared to your competitors; then your site will be scored lower. In essence the search engines have “raised the bar”. So if you want to succeed online with maximum ROI, a strong content strategy is critical to generating results.

Isn’t creation of content the role of my SEO provider?

SEO providers leverage “SEO content” on your website, along with creating articles for submissions to other quality websites, with the goal of generating high quality back-links. This has always been a critical part of proper Search Engine Optimization. However, with the sheer volume of websites on the Internet today, a very well SEO optimized site with quality back-links is not enough. It is now a requirement to have a good amount of regularly updated quality content on the website itself

How much content is good enough? How often should content be published?

Ongoing, fresh content being posted at least monthly if not weekly or daily is recommended. As a bare minimum, experts recommend at least one (1) page per unique keyword which is being targeted. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend the following in addition to the standard home, about, contact pages on a website:

  • Small local business sites: 10-50 pages
  • Mid-size regional sites: 50-500 pages
  • Large national / Brand / E-commerce sites: 100-5000 pages.

With the same level of SEO done on the following 2 sites, which do you think Google will favor and rank higher?

Your site





Competitor’s site






You guessed it —> the Competitor’s Site

What is considered quality credible content which will benefit my site SEO and traffic?

The following are some key guidelines which must be followed to benefit from content:

  • Must have a purpose and answer a question or educate
  • Must be completely original and not copied or duplicated
  • Must not be “over-optimized” or stuffed with keywords
  • Should have interlinking to quality site pages
  • Should have external linking to quality sites
  • Should contain mixed media, images, videos
  • Should flow with the rest of the content around it
  • Should be organized in an proper content architecture, theme or silo based structure
  • Should be based on well researched ideas, and theme based keywords
  • Well laid out and organized for easy reading and sharing

My site doesn’t have the required content and I don’t have the time to create it… What now?

There are many things which you can do to fill the gap. Here are a few suggestions:

  • find any articles, blogs or content which you or your staff have written and post on your site
  • hire a student or volunteer to write original content for your site
  • hire a professional Copyrighting / SEO company to produce the content for your site

When should this content be created and posted?

Our recommendation is that content be created and posted to your site immediately if you are below the suggested levels above. Quality content can takes a few weeks to produce, and a few months to be indexed by the search engines. If you are engaged in an SEO campaign and want to see real progress and rankings, results, traffic and ultimate ROI, then you should get your content produced right away.

Can you help me to produce content within a timely manner and ongoing? How will the content be relevant?

Yes! Our professional team of copyrighters follows a process to generate highly relevant, SEO optimized and shareable content. We do complete research, generate a content architecture and build content completely in line with your business.

Low priced content shops tend to “spin content” using existing information on the Internet and spinning it into new articles. This kind of content is NOT beneficial and can cause penalties. We recommend hiring a proper content company, and not cutting corners when it comes to content. This is an investment in your online asset; your website, which can pay dividends for years to come.

Is your campaign at RISK? Speak to a Jumpfactor Consultant today for a free assessment of your SEO content!

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