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URL suppression requires a holistic approach to online corporate reputation management. In order to effectively eliminate a negative URL from the first few pages of a search engine, and sustain the result, an ongoing process of publishing, optimization and monitoring is required. Typically a negative URL shows on the first page of search engines because those spots have not been properly secured by the brand which is being attacked. In order to penetrate the first page and secure those positions, various high PR and high authority sites must be used. These include a mix of profiles on social platforms, blogs, as well as high PR domains. Content is published onto these profiles continuously while being optimized with on-site offsite strategies. The end result is the appearance of these profiles on the first pages, while the negative URL moves lower.

URL Suppression

As Google and other search engines change their algorithm, it is not uncommon to see old or new negative URLs pop back up for some time. Through the use of online reputation monitoring, we can detect these occurrences, analyze the content which has appeared, and immediately queue up new content to be posted to counter the negative exposure, based on what the algorithm is deeming as highly relevant.

Online Reputation Services Pricing

Pricing for our Professional online reputation services starts at $675 per month. All rates are negotiable. All packages are custom tailored to meet your needs. To begin managing your reputation, contact us for a Free Expert Marketing Consultation.

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