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Review Management

Business Review Management

Today 78% of people check reviews before making a buying decision. This means your prospect’s decision is highly influenced by online reviews and postings in social platforms. Business review management is therefore critical for maximizing the ROI on your sales efforts. A very proactive approach to business review monitoring and management is critical to avoid massive losses to your business revenues.

Many platforms today provide an avenue for people to post reviews. Some of these include Google Places, TripAdvisor, yelp, Citysearch, home-stars, and many other industry specific review sites. Effective review management requires monitoring of all these platforms to negative reviews, real-time alerts, immediate responsiveness, and also constant publishing of real client positive reviews to create a true representation of your client’s experience. You may have 99 satisfied clients who walk away happily, while one unsatisfied client goes online and posts negative reviews everywhere. This paints a very skewed picture of your business. Although this seems unfair, it is your responsibility as a business to entice and ensure that your happy clients also post reviews. Our program provides the tools and methods to maximize this efficiently.

Business Review Management Pricing

Pricing for our Business Review Management starts at $675 per month. All rates are negotiable. To get managing your online reviews, contact us for a Free Expert Marketing Consultation.

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