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Online Reputation Management

Project Your Brand Online & Eliminate Negative PR

Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of monitoring and affecting the online exposure of your company or brand in order to ensure a true and positive image to the searching public. In order to achieve the above effectively, a thorough and current understanding of web platforms, profiles and rankings is required to ensure that your company is exposed in all the right areas, all the time. A professional reputation management company will continually publish and optimize your company information on a multitude of platforms including but not limited to social sites, blogs, micro-sites, high PR domains, and forums.

Jumpfactor’s professional reputation management services also include reputation monitoring and real-time alerts. These latter components are critical to ensure timely responses to negative press or reviews. Many companies approach us once damage has already been done, and when they are looking to “remove” or “push down” some negative exposure. While this is completely achievable, the best defense is always to have a strong offense. We recommend all companies to have a pro-active Reputation management campaign to prevent negative exposure from becoming highly visible, and also to minimize the extent of any negative exposure. By having a quality reputation management team handle your campaign you will be able to control the high exposure positions on the search engines and social platforms, while quickly suppressing negative exposure that appears.

Helping your brand via online reputation

Service Types

URL Suppression

Complete Management of your online corporate reputation including online profile content publishing, seo optimization for top search engine positions, and ultimate suppression of URLs which are hosting detrimental content. The focus here is to obtain and maintain control of your high exposure areas on search, and social platforms, while pushing or eliminating the negative.

Review Management

Business review management is targeted towards social and review platforms where the public can view reviews about your business. The objective is to ensure that a true positive representation of your customers’ satisfaction is being portrayed by obtaining positive reviews from clients and maximizing their exposure.

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