Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the term used today to define a collection of marketing strategies used in concert to drive warm leads directly to your business.  This falls in stark contrast to the traditional old school methodology of outbound sales wherein sales reps would target cold prospects in a mass attack approach.  The ROI on Inbound marketing is far higher with for good reason.

Hubspot reports show that inbound leads generally come in at a cost which is 61% lower than traditional lead generation methods.   We have found that the lead cost can actually be far lower, closer to 80% below traditional costs if done efficiently.   Many firms and agencies fail by taking a similar shot gun “spray and pray” approach as was common in outbound sales; you will see this commonly done with content development, social marketing, and email nurturing.   While digital will always be better than traditional, this method of unrefined digital marketing will quickly yield diminishing returns and start to place your firm behind your more savvy competitors.

The key to success lies in leveraging domain expertise and proven tactics specific to your service or technology business.   The lead nurture tracks for a law firm or IT firm will differ widely from a lead nurture track for a manufacturer or retail shop.   Similarly the content styling and buyer personas will be very different.   If these factors are not embedded into the core of your inbound campaign, there will be a lot of wastage and minimal results achieved.

Service Types

Our process follows a systematic approach which involves initial research and strategy development before execution. Our delivery model is unique with our DME and project managers. Support Case management via automated ticketing, and state of the art client portal and databases are in place to maximize efficiency. As a service or software business, your needs are unique and as such we understand the importance of a high level of ongoing communication and information exchange in order to effectively market your service business.

Core Professional Services Inbound Marketing includes the following components which can be retained standalone or in customized packages for comprehensive lead generation and nurturing:

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization of website pages onsite and offsite in order to popularize the site to drive higher rankings and in turn targeted traffic to your  business.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Leveraging paid media platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook to drive CPC or CPA traffic to your business instantly.

Content Marketing

Crafting compelling targeted content to educate your prospects and build a level of though leadership and authority in your marketplace.

Branding and Strategy

Crafting compelling targeted content to educate your prospects and build a level of though leadership and authority in your marketplace.

Social Media Marketing

Messaging and engagement within targeted platforms to maximize your reach and connect with prospects while nurturing and educating them.

SEO Web Design

Building websites for rankings, usability and conversion to maximize your lead generation efforts from all angles.

Marketing Automation

Automating the follow up and email engagement process to enable your team to focus on high value interactions with sales ready prospects only.

Reputation Management

Proactively controlling the exposure of your firm’s image so as to mitigate the impact of negative news or reviews while maximize your conversion rates.

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