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Inbound Content Marketing Plans and Pricing

Any of our services can be retained standalone or in combination so long as they fall above our minimum monthly retainer of $2500.  We will occasionally take on clients with lower starting budgets if their business aligns with our offering and they are committed to growth via digital marketing. SEO and Content packages start from approx $500/mo, however the minimum retainer applies.

Please note our services are not for everyone. We only take on a select few clients every month and as such we partner with clients who’s philosophy, growth plans, and commitment are aligned with ours. Having said that, if we do have you as a client, you can rest assured you will have a significant advantage in your market.

To find out if you qualify to be a client get in touch with us today.

Typical programs involve a bundle of various services. To get a custom bundle proposal, get it touch today.

Our complete inbound marketing packages are outlined below. The prices are starting tiers. For an exact quote please contact our team.

Complete Inbound Lead Generation & Nurturing Packages


  • Complete SEO 30-65 keywords
  • Outreach Marketing 1-2 pcs
  • Lead Nurturing 4-6 hours
  • Content Production 6+ standard pieces
  • Social Content Marketing -0- hours


  • Complete SEO 50-80 keywords
  • Outreach Marketing 1-2  pcs
  • Lead Nurturing 8+ hours
  • Content Production 12+ standard pieces
  • Social Content Marketing 4+ hours


  • Complete SEO 65-110 keywords
  • Outreach Marketing 3-4 pcs
  • Lead Nurturing 10+ hours
  • Content Production 15-20 standard pieces
  • Social Content Marketing 8+ hours


  • Complete SEO 110-180 keywords
  • Outreach Marketing 4-8 pcs
  • Lead Nurturing 12+ hours
  • Content Production 25-30 standard pieces
  • Social Content Marketing 20+ hours


  • Complete SEO 200+ keywords
  • Outreach Marketing 8-12 pcs
  • Lead Nurturing 15+ hours
  • Content Production 40+ standard pieces
  • Social Content Marketing 40+ hours

*Marketing Automation Software (MAP) licenses are extra, based on the type of software, and volume of contacts / emails

Typical Customer Profiles for Inbound Packages

A typical Kickstart Jumpfactor client is looking to leverage inbound marketing for the first time. They may have upto 30 employees and generating leads from their website is beginning to become important. A small sales team may exist with limited or no CRM. Training is required by Jumpfactor, and client is typically cooperating by providing content for use in marketing campaigns. 12 month growth target of 10-15% is ideally the goal.

A typical Base Jumpfactor client has over 25 employees and has some experience with aspects of Inbound marketing and CRM usage. The lead generation and nurturing require a strong boost to support the sales efforts and achieve growth targets. Social Content marketing and strong content creation strategy and execution is implemented in this program. 12 month more aggressive growth target is typical.

A typical Pro Jumpfactor client is looking really maximize their inbound efforts with higher segmentation and qualification of leads for sales. CRM integrations and customizations are done to maximize the sales process and lead qualification. A variety of segments and alerts are typically key for sales here. High volume of quality content assets and published and marketed to generated leads and convert leads to qualified sales readiness. Robust growth targets can be achieved with this program.

A typical Advanced Jumpfactor client is on a solid growth path and is looking to take over significant market share in their space. Advanced clients work with Jumpfactor as a close extension of their team, with regular interaction and strategy discussions. Multiple content and social strategies are typically in place concurrently addressing various lead stages, and lead segments. Competition crushing and aggressive growth program for established marketing divisions.

A typical Enterprise Jumpfactor client is taking their program to the next level of customization and performance. Existing KPIs and benchmarks are in place, and client is looking to enhance through best practices, and implementation of Jumpfactor skillsets to help take over further marketshare. Content and Social are coordinated between Jumpfactor team and client internal marketing team. Growth targets of any nature can be tackled with this plan.

Your service or technology firm is unique… the buying process and decision makers are different…
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