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Adwords & PPC Optimization

Pay Per Click Optimization

Our PPC Optimization service is a one time service, wherein we audit your entire campaign and implement best practice modifications to enhance it as much as possible. The service is customized to your needs and based on an initial scope assessment. Similar to the start of our fully managed pay per click service we review everything from your cost per click (CPC) to click through conversion rates (CTR), your ad group setups, landing pages, as well as your bid structure. There is much that can be done to enhance a campaign with our optimization service, however the best success comes from proper ongoing management. We provide a list of suggestions for your campaign to maximize your ROI as you move forward.

Adwords Optimization

Our one time Pay Per Click / Adwords Optimization service is based on a custom quote with a Minimum one time engagement of  $2500. All rates are negotiable. To begin the program contact us for a Free Expert Marketing Consultation.

Other PPC Services

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