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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click marketing, also called SEM marketing, is the process of advertising on the ‘paid’ sections of the search engine results page or other platforms of paid ads. In Google, these paid ads are also known as Adwords. Although search engine PPC typically only garners about 10-20% of the clicks and traffic, the major advantage is that it does allow for immediate placement or positioning. This means you can have your pay per click company set up your campaign and typically have your ads up and running within 3-4 days, as soon as Google approves your ads. Paid ads are also possible on Yahoo/Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms as required or recommended.

Having a professional pay per click company setup and manage your campaign can make a world of difference. The reason is simple: Pay Per Click is based on a bidding system. Your bids will be drastically different and far lower by having an expert PPC company that knows how to optimize your site, landing pages, conduct appropriate keyword selection and other relevant factors such that your cost per click (CPC) is as low as possible while driving you the maximum traffic. As a professional PPC company, Jumpfactor has certified experts on staff who will handle your entire campaign.

A pay per click company helping get traffic to your website.

Service Types

Pay Per Click Management Services

Complete Pay Per Click Management for businesses. This is a turnkey service to drive relevant ‘paid’ traffic to your business. This service is for companies who are looking for a professional PPC company to manage all aspects of PPC advertising monthly in order to maximize your traffic from a pre-determined budget. The focus is traffic and maximum ROI.

Pay Per Click Optimization

This is a one-time pay per click campaign optimization geared to increase the effectiveness and ROI of your existing campaign. Companies who engage us for this service have typically been running Adwords campaigns with some results, however, they are now looking to reduce their costs without losing traffic or to increase their conversion and traffic from the existing budget.

Retargeting Services

Our PPC Retargeting is an advanced program for businesses looking to maximize conversion, repeat sales, and/or branding. Retargeting (or Remarketing) is the processing of serving ads to those visitors who have been on your site already. The process typically brings a significant percentage of lost visitors back to your website and in turn leads to increases in leads and sales.

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