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Marketing Automation Company

Marketing automation involves the use of advanced software tools to automate various marketing processes related to sending and tracking of messages, prospect behavior, website activity and other related activities. The use of this type of software is growing rapidly amongst mid to large organizations and is starting to take hold amongst smaller businesses as well. The use of marketing automation can help to increase conversion of prospects to leads and leads to sales by upto 500% or more. Effective results come by partnering with a marketing automation consultant or company that has experience in configuring and managing these systems efficiently. B2B marketing automation and automation for services businesses is even more specialized, taking into consideration the special buyer profiles and sales cycle stages involved in the complex sale.

Two critical components of marketing automation are a) the software and b) the automation management. An effective marketing automation agency will have significant experience in setting up lead nurturing tracks, configuring lead scoring, development of content road-maps and creation of actual high quality content for clients. Jumpfactor has a strong level of expertise in this area and has been recognized as the #1 Marketing Automation Agency. Jumpfactor has experienced marketing automation specialists on staff, and has been involved in the development of new marketing automation software for other vendors.

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Service Types

Marketing Automation Software

A complete assessment of your website and optimization level is completed. This includes examination of all onsite and offsite factors affecting your sites performance. A report is compiled and delivered to you with clear suggestions, problem identification, and implications.

Marketing Automation Consulting

Complete SEO for local geo-based businesses or specific locations of National franchises. This is a turnkey solution to drive relevant traffic to a geo business. Where necessary and recommended complete redesign of website would also be created.

Managed Lead Nurturing

Optimization and ranking of videos with Youtube and Google Videos so as to drive targeted traffic to business and build brand awareness. Video creation services are also available to create compelling and conversion oriented videos.

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