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Web Design for Law Firms and Attorneys

Your law firm has competitors and that is the reality. To win clients over from your competitors, not only do you have to engage with them where they are looking, but you also need to stand out among the other firms who are competing for the same business. To do this effectively, a brand strategy is key and only then can an effective design strategy be implemented. Figuring out your law firm branding strategy is the first step.

As part of an overall law firm marketing plan, the branding depends upon some aspects of your practice that must be identified and highlighted. This includes your competitive differentiators, your core values, and in most cases the key talent or experts who make up your firm. Once these and other factors are identified, a brand strategy can be crafted. From this work, a design strategy can be created and used for your law firm’s website design.

A clearly represented brand image that resonates through your website and other marketing collateral will assist immensely in making your practice stand out and connect with your target prospects. The design must be accessible across all platforms and browsers, including all mobile devices. Today, mobile usage in certain industries is between 20% – 40%. This means that it is imperative for your site to render cleanly and clearly in all mobile devices to ensure visitors stay on the site and engage with the content.

Ensuring that the website design for your law firm is also completely socially optimized is also important to ensure that the site can be shared among the social platforms, enabling your site to keep up with competitors with regards to Search Engine Optimization. The more your site pages are shared, the more signals the search engines are given for your site being relevant and important. This in turn increases your chances of ranking for keywords.

Whether you are an individual attorney practicing or an established law firm practice,  re-branding and website redesign will yield a high ROI when done right. Get in touch with the experts at Jumpfactor for your free consultation.

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