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Law Firm Content Marketing

Legal Content Marketing

Typically 60% of buying decisions are already made before a potential client even contacts your law firm (Corporate Executive Board Study). This is done through their consumption and engagement with whatever content and media you have available for them. This makes content and social marketing critical for law firms. Potential clients are doing their research, self educating, and filtering down their short list by evaluating online content, track records, case studies, blogs and ebooks before every picking up the phone or emailing you.

Law firm content marketing is therefore an exact match for the needs of the prospect before they select a law firm to retain. Prospects are looking to learn and filter, and by creating high quality educational and authoritative content, your law firm can successfully position itself as the leader and ideal choice for the prospect’s needs.

The entire methodology of content marketing can be broken down into various components. At the core is understanding the buyer persona and their needs. After that one needs to outline the buying stages of the prospect so that relevant content can be created for each stage. Once content is created, a promotional strategy is required to determine where to place the content for maximum exposure to potential prospects. In many cases, social media platforms are used to connect with prospects. This is where social media for law firms comes in to play. Once a prospect engages with the content, they are then pulled into the marketing campaign funnel and nurtured towards becoming a client. The latter process outlines the main objective of law firm inbound marketing.

Content Marketing Agency for Law Firms

There has never been a more compelling time in history for inbound marketing to be a core strategy for law firm business development. The shift in buyer behavior has created a massive opportunity for your law firm to leverage the online landscape and marketing automation technologies to generate high quality inbound leads for your practice.

You can also visit the Content Marketing services page to understand the different types of content marketing from our content marketing consultant for law firms.

Your service or technology firm is unique… the buying process and decision makers are different…
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