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Legal Marketing Services

Tailored Marketing Solutions for Law Firms of All Sizes

Marketing for Law Firms & Legal Services

Your law firm faces unique challenges when trying to market your practice offerings. Prospects today look to determine the level of experience and knowledge of your law firm before retaining services. As such, high-quality authoritative content is a critical component of legal marketing. Law Firm Internet Marketing requires a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy utilizing high-quality authoritative content, social media, and marketing automation. This allows your law firm to engage with prospects and nurture them to a point of sales readiness.

How does your law firm effectively enable prospects to find your information and come to you? With more of the sales process controlled by the prospect, your law firm must maintain a presence in all the right places, all the time. If you take on this work yourself, this engagement quickly becomes a very time consuming and costly endeavor. A more effective approach for your law firm is to retain an experienced law firm marketing agency to maximize the ROI on your marketing expense. This requires an agency with legal writers on staff, who understand the psychology of legal clients, and also can research and relay legal information from case documents into marketing language for the non-lawyer prospect. Jumpfactor is such an agency with a solid expertise in legal marketing.

An inbound agency taking care of your legal marketing

Law Firm Digital Marketing Services

Law firm SEO Services

Search engine optimization for your law firm is a critical component of driving relevant traffic to your law firm’s business website. This is a key aspect of inbound marketing for legal marketing campaigns. PPC, or pay per click, marketing can be added to augment the targeted traffic coming into the site. In-depth understanding all of the research phases and buying cycle of your law firm’s clients is critical to developing an effective search engine optimization strategy for your firm. Deep understanding of legal prospect behavior is required to determine the right keywords for each stage of the sales cycle.

Law Firm Inbound / Content & Social Marketing

Inbound Marketing for Law firms is by far the most cost effective method of generating high quality leads for your practice. It requires high-authority compelling content written by legal writers who understand your business and offerings. There are unique conversion metrics, social platforms, and automation software which are more effective for law firms than other businesses. How does a marketing agency know which combination to use for the most effective results and ROI? By employing a team with experience in Legal Marketing, like Jumpfactor.

Law firm Web Design & Branding

Your law firm specializes in practice areas that enable you to differentiate your firm and highlight your team’s expertise and past successes. Crafting a powerful brand that resonates with your target audience through your web assets and collateral is key to high growth and larger opportunities. Get in touch with a digital marketing consultant for law firms at Jumpfactor.

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