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Healthcare Websites

Healthcare Websites

The 21st century digital revolution in medicine is transforming the way the physicians and other healthcare professionals connect with their patients. In recent survey of more than 10,000 healthcare professionals, 85 percent report that digital media has changed the way in which they communicate and engage with their patients. Modern healthcare websites include features such as secure patient portals that comply with HIPAA requirements, estimated wait time apps, and appointment schedulers.

When a prospective patient visits your website, they immediately start to form impressions about you and your practice. This means the medical web design team needs to have specialized technical skills, knowledge of website security as well as the features to include on the site that will engage current and future clients. The healthcare web design team at Jumpfactor has the development expertise and healthcare industry knowledge to create medical practice websites that are user-friendly, render seamlessly across platforms, and follow the best practices for security.

Healthcare Web Design

To maximize the conversion utility of your medical website, our medical web design team works with our copywriting team to create landing pages with high-value content. For example, a pediatrician’s website landing pages might feature information about the latest news about vaccinations, while the content for an internal medicine practice might address ways to decrease the risk of type two diabetes. By ensuring your practice’s website has an easy to use content management system and social media widgets, Jumpactor’s medical web design team and SEO experts keep your website updated with relevant content that generates the social signals to bring more traffic to your website.

Since 90 percent of people who use mobile search to locate health care information call the provider whose website has the information they need, our medical web design team uses responsive web design techniques so your site is accessible on smart phones and tablets. The key to having a high performance healthcare website is to have a development team specializing in medical web design like the one we have at Jumpfactor.

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