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Healthcare & Medical SEO

Medical & Healthcare SEO Services

In terms of return on investment, medical SEO marketing is the most effective means of promoting your practice by generating high-targeted traffic to your website. Medical Practice Insider reports that Google has found that 77 percent of people search online to find a physician.  High-performance medical search engine optimization ensures that when a person enters specific search terms related to your practice that your website ranks highly on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERP).

Even though research-driven, geo-specific keyword selection is an essential element of healthcare SEO, your medical website design and as offsite SEO techniques are also critical to generating medical leads that have a 14.6 conversion rate. The key to ensuring your practice has the most effective SEO strategy, you need to have Jumpfactor’s team of medical SEO experts because they have the industry knowledge and access to localized healthcare market research to develop a plan to maximize the healthcare sales generated by your inbound marketing campaign.

Medical SEO Services

Some examples of the techniques used by our healthcare SEO specialists to maximize the number of medical leads generated by your medical website include:

  • Targeted meta titles and descriptions to catch the attention of the search engine crawlers as well a potential patients
  • Strategic healthcare content marketing, including blog posts, newsletters, and videos
  • Social media marketing to generate the social signals critical to gaining a favorable SERP ranking
  • High-value backlinks from well-respected healthcare websites in your specialty area

Given the high degree of scrutiny medical professionals face in their marketing efforts from their professional organizations, as well as Federal and state regulators, you cannot afford to use just any SEO agency as they may use unethical strategies. Our medical SEO team at Jumpfactor ensures your healthcare SEO strategy complies with all regulations and only uses only legitimate techniques.

Other Healthcare Marketing Services

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