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Google Hummingbird Update


With Google’s ongoing and constant changes, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with everything. Recently Panda 2.1 just hit and before that in September Google announced that it had rolled out an update dubbed ‘Hummingbird’. There were also some silent changes within the Google Analytics platform which will affect SEO. As a quick summary we are outlining the key factors of each below:

1)  Google Analytics Changes

Google’s silent changes in the Analytics have resulted in a much higher percentage of keywords being hidden and listed as ‘not provided’, all in the name of ‘secure search’. This makes the work of fine tuning SEO campaigns more complex and ultimately has been seen as a move by Google to try and lure advertisers towards Pay Per Click. There are ways to work around this, the primary of which is focusing on a high volume of longtail keywords through ongoing high quality contain. One key aspect to ensure success is to create content with domain experts who have in-depth knowledge of an industry vertical. Google’s algorithm is able to detect unique and authority content and as such hiring domain experts can pay off dividends.

A Jumpfactor director speaks further and provides details in a release published earlier last week here: Google Analytics Update

2)  Google Algorithm Update: Hummingbird

During the month of September Google rolled out a major overhaul of its entire algorithm to create a more semantic web which is better able to identify actual user intent and provide back answers which are more accurate. This comes as mobile internet usage and voice-based search are rapidly on the rise. In the near future it’s very realistic you will start to see people talking to Google through their phones and new mobile devices like watches, to get information.

Jumpfactor director issues statements on the recent Hummingbird update here:  Google Hummingbird Update.

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