E4 Methodology


The initial primary objective of all marketing campaigns is to ensure appropriate exposure of the content and media of your business such that the searching prospect can easily find and reach your content.

Once the content and media has been reached by the searcher, the engagement process begins. Here it is critical that all media and content is very easy to understand, has clear calls to action, clear navigation instructions, and that it persuades the visitor to take the appropriate action towards becoming a lead.

Enrollment is the process of having the visitor opt-in or take some sort of action which connects them closer to your business. This can take the form of a follow or a like, a form fill, a phone call or various other action steps.

Based on the measured outcome of the first 3 steps, an analysis is completed and findings are used to test the process further and optimize the outcome such that the highest possible Enrolment of visitors is achieved. This enhancement process is ongoing and iterative to facilitate continuous improvement.

Your service or technology firm is unique… the buying process and decision makers are different…
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