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The interconnected nature of SEO and Content has never been more apparent than today. Google has placed a high level of importance on quality website content as evidenced by their ongoingPanda Updates, and this has resulted in high quality content sites rising in the search engines while lower quality sites have drifted lower. Jumpfactor’s SEO / Website content writing services involve a solid understanding of latent semantic indexing (LSI), proper silo content architecture,  content strategy and road-map development, and onsite optimization. Jumpfactor provides web content writing services as well as blog writing services, both of which contribute to SEO results in different ways.

Jumpfactor’s surveys across hundreds of sites has shown that proper SEO content writing results in rankings and traffic increases that are 500% more than standard copy-writing. The reason is clear from Google’s own mission statement which is ‘to organize the world’s information’. Thus by creating very clear, logical and organized content, much like encyclopedia’s and high authority whitepapers, one caters to the goals of Google. At a high level this sounds simple enough, however at an implementation level it requires a skillful balance between technical science and the art of compelling copy-writing.


Pricing for our SEO/ Website content services starts at $500/ mo. Content creation is available on a one time project basis, as well as monthly based on volume of content. Monthly content is most recommended as it provides for fresh ongoing updates (valued by search engines), and timely relevant information. All rates are negotiable. To get started contact us for a Free Expert Marketing Consultation.

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