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Content Marketing Services

Create Compelling EBooks, Blogs, Emails, & Articles

B2B Content Marketing

Both B2c and B2B Content marketing have evolved, however it is NOT new. It has taken new forms like infographics, Ebooks, blogs and various other digital media, however the basics remain the same: creation of original and compelling content. Recent major changes within the Search Engines (like the Panda Updates) have made typical seo firms scramble to start offering content services, however the reality is that many do not understand the key aspects of quality and powerful content strategy creation.

It is imperative to partner with a true content marketing agency that has experience in successfully rolling out content marketing services which deliver real tangible results for both search rankings and demand generation. A content agency must have specialized copywriters that understand your business model, industry segments and target market. In this regard it is often best to find a content agency that has specific experience in your industry and business type.


B2B Content Marketing Services

SEO/ Website Content Services

Content created for a business website must be highly compelling for a reader, conversion friendly and also search optimized. Traditional copywriters have experience in writing with proper English, however our studies have shown that without proper SEO optimization the results can be less than 20% of potential results. Our editorial and copy-writing team has solid industry specific writing experience and is highly trained in SEO Content architecture and strategies to yield maximum Search Engine ranking and traffic. The results are conversion and traffic.

Demand Generation Content

Demand based content must be highly targeted. Strategy is critical and analyzing and mapping out audience segments is the starting point to creating compelling and targeted content which is shared and which converts. Effective offsite content will permeate social channels, can be used in various media and ultimately supports all efforts of digital marketing. Solid industry understanding, polished writing styles and strategy development are the key components.

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