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Construction Websites

Websites for Construction Companies

The importance of your construction website to your overall construction marketing plan cannot be stressed enough because it is often the first point of contact prospective client have with your company. If your website is like many building contractors, it is three to five years old, which renders it obsolete in terms of functionality and user experience. Additionally, out-of-date construction web design is not easily crawled by search engines, which can diminish the effectiveness of your construction SEO strategy.

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Marketing Group best practices for construction web design, modern high-performance construction websites include the following features:

  • Dynamic HTML coding
  • Responsive web design so your website renders flawlessly regardless of the operating system or device used to access your construction website
  • Social media widgets to encourage sharing of content, which extends the reach of your website
  • Avoid the use of flash media, which can slow the loading speed of your webpages
  • Tools and gadget useful to prospective clients, such as interactive tools to visualize renovations or the differences between different materials and finishes
  • Intuitive navigation that draws visitors deeper into your website
  • Well placed opt in pages and contact information

In order to create construction websites that provide the optimal user experience, you need to have web developers and designers with extensive knowledge of the building industry. Our professional construction website team at Jumpfactor specializes in the creation of websites with the functionality, features, and design that engages visitors and optimizes its conversion rate. We include a customized Content Management System so you can easily add featured projects to position your construction company as a leader in the building industry.

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