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The construction industry has lagged other industries in developing an online presence and leveraging the power of the Internet to market their business. In fact, so few construction firms have websites, the Associated General Contractors of America partnered with another group to launch a new top-level domain for the construction industry – build. You can optimize your construction business development plan by contracting with the construction website design expertsat Jumpfactor.

With the degree of competition in all areas of the construction industry, building contractors and subcontractors need to be visible online since the majority of prospective clients scope contractors on the web before they make their first contact. Whether your construction firm specializes in residential building projects, high-rise commercial developments, renovations of historic structures, or road construction, developing a robust web presence through the use of social media, construction SEO, and a well-designed website is critical for a successful construction marketing campaign.

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Based upon the latest survey from the Construction Marketing Association (CMA), contractors and builders are rapidly awakening to the power of digital inbound marketing to generate leads and the role their online presence plays in construction business development. The CMA reports that 81.6 percent of construction marketers plan to invest in website development, while 75.7 percent are focusing their efforts on branding for their construction business. The key to success for these construction marketing strategies is to have a firm understanding of the buyer persona of your particular sector of the construction industry. For example, the approach to clients look for renovations to historic properties is going to be quite different from the methods used to connect with prospects searching for bids for a commercial skyscraper. Our construction marketing experts at Jumpfactor have practical experience in all sectors of the building industry, which provides them the specialized knowledge to develop a high performance inbound marketing campaign for your construction business.

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Construction SEO: By using a highly effective combination of on page and off page search engine optimization strategies, such as developing construction industry social signals, our team delivers target traffic to your website to optimize its conversion rate.

Construction Website: Our team of dedicated to construction website design creates dynamic and responsive websites that engage prospective clients with interactive tools and features that are intuitive and easy to use.

Discover how our construction inbound marketing services can enhance your firm’s bottom line by scheduling a consultation with a Jumpfactor Digital Marketing Expert today!

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