Ideas to Supercharge Your B2B Content Marketing Sales Funnel (Template Included)

Table of Contents: B2B Marketing Funnel Stages B2B Marketing Funnel Template Buyer Persona for Your B2B Sales Funnel B2B Content Marketing Funnel Ideas   Let’s take a minute to acknowledge the vast number of changes that the B2B content marketing funnel (or marketing in general) seems to have undergone. Outdated outbound and interruptive marketing strategies [...]

B2B Pillar Pages & Topic Clustering Tips

If you’ve been looking into content marketing, you’ve undoubtedly heard or read about pillar pages, pillar content or pillar pieces. That’s because they’re a key part of content marketing and content strategy - that anybody trying to target a large topic will benefit greatly from implementing. These can be leveraged especially well in complex B2B [...]

Your IT or MSP Content isn’t Converting Because it’s not YOUR Content

So, you’ve been considering utilizing syndicated or templated content as part of your MSP marketing strategy. But there are a number of things that you have to consider that could actually be detrimental to all the work that you’ve been doing on your website. First of all, purchased, or syndicated content isn’t original. It’s directly [...]

4 Myths About Content for B2B Service Firms and How to Overcome Them. Is Your Strategy Up-To-Date?

These days, marketing experts love to advise their clients to use content to “tell your story.” Rather than focusing on the “hard sell,” content is far more likely to draw eyeballs when it engages your potential customers and draws them in with the story of your brand. But what does that mean for B2B services [...]

7 LinkedIn Strategies for Services Firms – How to Get 43,000 Connects in 4 Months

If you are a B2B services or consulting business—a law firm, a medical practice, an architect, or any service provider—and LinkedIn is still languishing at a number 3 or 4 in your Social Media priority list, it's time to go back to the sketching board. On top of these numbers, LinkedIn has peculiarities that place [...]

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