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Although social media has proved to be one of the most powerful platforms for digital marketing, companies are still hesitant to optimize their B2B social media marketing strategy the way they should. Can you relate?

If I told you that you can increase your traffic by 78% if you invest 6 hours weekly into your social media, would you still ignore it? This post will show you how to do B2B marketing on social media!

A study by Social Media Examiner validates the opportunity. Usually when you think of some of the most successful companies in the social media world, the first few will probably be B2C.

It’s rare that you find a B2B company that has crushed it on social media platforms. Why? We’re the minority.

Most B2B companies don’t understand how to target their audience so they instantly resort back to more traditional methods of reaching their audience like cold calling and attending business networking events.

Don’t get me wrong, these are great ways to network, but they definitely should not be used in place of Social Media.

You’re probably shying away from using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram because you don’t have a set strategy in place that will deliver results.

Here are the top 6 B2B social media best practices & B2B social media examples that will help you drive in results… and fast.

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1. Set an objective in your B2B social media marketing strategy.

This is simple. In a B2B social media strategy example, the results are always measured. If things are measured, they can be improved.

In order for you to measure your results effectively, you first need to set an objective.

What do you want out of this? Are you targeting likes to your posts? Retweets? Are you sending them to a landing page? – are the social metrics tied to landing page success?

Keep in mind that just like any other marketing, social media has Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, and Bottom of Funnel clients.

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Someone that likes your image is generally considered Top of Funnel in social media for business.

Someone that retweets or shares your content often, could be Middle of Funnel.

Lastly someone clicking on an offer for a service, and coming to a landing page; may be considered a Bottom of Funnel.

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2. Humanize Your Brand

Humanizing your brand is a very important tactic, especially when it comes to B2B marketing on social media. People want to feel like there is transparency through the company.

They want to know what is going on in the office and want to visualize it.

Plus, it’s far more interesting than posting an image with a bunch of text on it…

Regularly posting images of office activities, new additions to the team, meetings, and other events that might be happening in the workspace is a great way for people to relate to the brand.

After All, who doesn’t want to be relatable?

Another really good way to humanize your company is to engage with your audience. Again, people want to relate to you and feel like there is a human behind the platform.

Some ways to do this is to:

  • Reply to comments
  • Run a contest or Poll
  • Do a ‘Facebook Live’
  • Shoot a video and share it on your platform addressing FAQs
  • Direct Messaging (DMing) your new followers and thanking them for taking the time to connect.

3. Share Unique Content is a B2B Social Media Best Practice

It’s always a great idea to leverage traditional ways of driving in traffic to your website and twist it to be used in more platforms such as social media.

Sharing content that is already on your company’s blog is always a good way to constantly have unique content on your social media.

Most B2B organizations are already focusing heavily on writing blogs that their audience is searching for. It’s very important to remember these audiences are also regular human who struggle with pain points but don’t necessarily go out and seek solutions.

We can put our content in front of them, and they’re more likely to engage with it. The trick is to add a bit of TLC to your post to make it ‘clickable’ for social. That usually means a custom graphic, image, or infographic that will pull them into the piece.

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4. Sharing Outside Content

Not only is it a great idea to share content from your own blog, but also sharing articles and research from other blogs. This will allow space for collaborations and keep your social media platform a well rounded place for your target audience.

LinkedIn is a great platform for this.

Keep in mind that nearly 44% of all relevant B2B leads come from linkedin. This has led most B2B marketers to rank LinkedIn as the most effective B2B social media platform.

Also sharing other blog content will give them a good reason to share your content!

5. Create a Written Strategy

The scariest thing about Social Media is having to come up with 2-3 new ideas EVERY DAY! Who has time for that right??

Creating a written strategy is easily one of the most fundamental tips out of all the ones I have listed out in this blog. (The king of all tips and tricks… Strategy)

The key is to come up with a clear plan for the next 2-4 weeks: Some elements include,

  • What images, text or blogs you want to post on your social media
  • Certain hashtags you would like to use
  • The theme of your instagram whether it has to do with color or a certain topic
  • Just a list of ideas that you can easily refer back to.

Scheduling posts is tempting because you can spend a few hours on it and be good to go for a month. However, people will realize you are scheduling this because they don’t see any engagement.

A written strategy is essential for creating posts but it is also essential to create a strategy to follow up with your posts, share it, comment on it, and reply back to people that have reacted to it!

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6. Examine your efforts!

It’s important to remember that social media does not have some magic algorithm. All you need to do is keep watching your insights to know what works and what doesn’t.

Realistically if a certain type of post that you shared got a ton of engagement and traffic… it’s most likely your audience is interested in the topic.

Listen to your audience and analyze your efforts.

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In conclusion, social media is no piece of cake.

Social media does require an extensive amount of effort and thought put into it. However, when it’s mastered, it can bring in some serious leads and traffic into your organization.

Contact us here to find out more about what we can do for your businesses social media strategy!

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