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B2B Services Marketing

One of Jumpfactor’s core strengths is helping B2B Professional Services Companies to brand and market their products and services within the marketplace. The major categories in which we operate include the following:

Legal Marketing

Law firms of all kinds require a very specialized form of marketing. B2B Law firms must engage with prospective clients very early as they are typically working with various other vendors before retaining a legal firm .Building trust and credibility is a critical component for law firms, and this is done through high quality content marketing that highlights your past successes and accomplishments.

Accounting, Finance, Tax Marketing

CPAs, Financial Advisors, and Tax firms benefit greatly from a holistic approach with a B2B specialized marketing firm. Ensuring that you have a marketing team with experience speaking the language of your business and clients is the key to a successful campaign. Your financial services organization relies heavily on your track record, references, and social influence to generate new business. Today, digital media is the most powerful way to leverage your solid reputation for the growth of your firm.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Marketing

Traditional Design and Engineering firms hesitate to embrace new forms of marketing, which provides you with major opportunities for your organization to leverage your experience and skills to generate new business. By highlighting your expertise and your client’s successes, you will be able to attract new clients.

Business Consultant/ Management Marketing

Business consultants and management companies face a unique challenge in that you are essentially promoting yourself, your key partners, experience, and track- record. This is the epitome of services marketing wherein a solid brand strategy is crucial, along with a strong digital presence.

Healthcare / Medical Marketing

Medical clinics, practices, hospitals, specialized medical service providers, and cosmetic surgeons are just some examples of the highly specialized nature of medical professional services. If you are a medical professional looking to build your business, it is essential to highlight your experience and expertise in your field. Additionally, client references are very powerful in maximizing the conversion of your traffic and inbound leads.

Software & Technology Marketing

Experts forecast technology companies to grow at a rapid pace during the next few years. Many firms are strong in their technologies, but weak in creating brands that resonate with other sectors, and then marketing the services to their target audiences. Jumpfactor has helped many software and technology firms to grow their businesses at a rapid pace by filling in these gaps.

Other Services Marketing

Various service organizations including Insurance Agencies, Recruitment Agencies, Logistics Companies, Government Consultants, Membership Organizations, and Professional Associations require a very unique approach to marketing their services. Engaging with other targeted professional associations and leveraging specific social networks via particular methods can bring tremendous results.

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