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B2B SEO Agency | Jumpfactor

Spent thousands on SEO with no organic traffic or leads to show for it? Not sure if your current SEO people even understand your industry & market? 

Use Jumpfactor’s B2B SEO Services To:

  • Push your website to the 1st page of Google in 3 months.

  • Boost visits by decision makers (and cut-out useless traffic).

  • Generate more sales & marketing qualified leads.

Why Pick Jumpfactor as Your B2B SEO Agency?

End Costly Ad Purchases

…by showing up at the top of Google each time your target audience is looking to buy..

Snag Page 1 Ranks on Google

… outrank direct rivals & the giants (Wikipedia, Microsoft, etc)
in pulling organic traffic.

Slash Lead Acquisition Costs

…by getting more leads through your website & with fewer trade show visits, cold calls, & mailers.

Our B2B SEO Results at a Glance

2 Months

A $1.5 billion MSP achieved nation-wide top search results in only 60 days.

2 Weeks

A B2B Consulting Firm overcame a Google penalty & recovered all of its organic traffic in 2 weeks.

1 Week

A tech client’s new content always ranks on the 1st page of Google
in just 1 week.


“We are seeing more relevant and more accurate leads that actually have a higher probability of converting into marketing qualified and sales qualified leads and of course, ultimately getting these into customers.”

Brian Rohde (Spatial / Dassault Systèmes)

We’re Loved by Our Clients

We Can Help if You Need a B2B SEO Agency for the Following Industries:

  • Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs)

  • IT Consulting 

  • Software Development

  • Managed Cloud Services

  • Computed Aided Design (CAD)

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

  • Manufacturers

  • Business Consulting (focused on Fortune 500 Companies)

How Our B2B SEO Work Boosts Traffic & Converts More Leads

Site Audit

Quickly boost traffic & leads by correcting simple SEO issues in your website.

Keyword Research

Find every keyword your target audience is asking, including the ones your rivals aren’t aware of.

SEO Reporting

Know if you’re on track (in real time) to achieving ROI via custom real-time dashboards.

Onsite / Page Optimization

Drive immediate organic traffic by tuning up existing content.

Off-Site Optimization

PR specialists will get your industry’s top news & knowledge sources to link back to you.

Technical SEO

Get your website to rank faster by fixing its nitty gritty technical issues.

More Services: Competitor Analysis, Website Development, Content Marketing & Social Media Management.

Our B2B SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Be the first option nearby customers see when they search Google for your products and services.

Site/Penalty Assessment

Reverse drops in rankings & traffic by finding & correcting penalties & other issues.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Grow organic traffic & leads with continuous testing & improvements to your content, user experience, etc.

Video SEO

Push your brand to the top of the 2nd most popular search engine (YouTube).

SEO Consulting

Preserve top ranks & traffic by staying ahead of changes in Google’s algorithms, SEO best practices, & other shifts.

Our Team of B2B SEO Consultants Includes:

B2B SEO Strategists

They’ll actively look for the questions your target audience is asking so that you’re the first one there with an answer.

Technical SEO Analysts

Experts who know how to find and solve complex technical issues in your website so that it hits the 1st page sooner.

Digital PR Specialists

A team of public relations experts who will work with your industry’s top thought leaders to link back to your website.

CRO Specialists

Experts whose sole job is to turn more of your organic traffic into marketing or sales qualified leads by always monitoring, testing, & improving your content.


“Since we started working with Jumpfactor, we’ve seen jumps in rankings and visibility and
things that frankly, I thought were impossible.” 

Joe Hullebusch (AirFixture)

Our B2B SEO Agency’s  Track Record of Success

B2B SEO Services FAQ:

How does Jumpfactor’s B2B SEO process differ from that of other agencies?

Jumpfactor employs a unique methodology called the E4 process in its SEO marketing efforts. The process requires complete tracking, analytics, reporting and quarterly adjustments. These adjustments and communication along with goal and conversion tracking have allowed our clients to achieve significantly higher results than competitors using basic SEO tactics.

How long does it take to see tangible results?

Progress in the form of improved rankings, backlinks, and content indexation is typically seen within 2-3 months. This process will vary depending on the current state of your website. Our SEO campaigns have consistently been able to drive visible traffic to brand-new sites within 45-90 days of a campaign’s start. However, our experience with triggering rapid content indexing and rank improvements can often lead to higher rankings faster than anticipated.

How many keywords will you optimize my site for?

We do not place any limit on the number of SEO keywords we’ll optimize. We focus on as many lead-generating keywords as are available to drive increasing traffic to your website. Our online marketing programs are based on the resources available per month.

We find new keywords, add new content, and recommend continuous improvements and augmentations designed to keep your SEO results moving forward. This is a rare concept among B2B SEO agencies since most will focus on generating rankings and then try to minimize their costs to maximize their profits. Instead, our goal is to ensure that your results are aligned with your ROI.

Where do you get the back-links from? What is the quality of the links?

Our backlinks are generated from content placed on quality Google-friendly sites. Links are targeted to be from highly relevant domains and categories, and our B2B SEO experts only seek out sites in line with your industry.

What type of monthly reporting do you provide?

We provide access to real-time reporting data on a variety of KPI metrics. In addition to historical keyword data showing granular tracking trends over time, we provide complete conversion tracking and reporting data on a monthly basis. These are all accessible to you 24/7 via your custom client portal dashboard.

How does your B2B SEO program work in light of Google Penguin/Panda updates?

Our process has proven highly resilient to all updates to Google’s search algorithms, and none of our clients have been penalized or lost any significant traffic. In fact, the high-quality backlinks and content we use often delivers measurable rank and traffic increases after such updates.

How do I determine an appropriate budget for my B2B company SEO?

Budgets vary widely. Typical budgets range from 2% to 15% of business revenue. A study conducted by Bloomberg on the fastest growing companies showed that the most successful companies allocated as high as 10-15% of their revenues to digital marketing. This is a clear confirmation that digital marketing and SEO in particular are still the highest ROI form of marketing for any business.

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