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White label Digital Marketing Services for Resale

White Label Advertising

Understanding the technicalities of SEO is a specialized skill that, understandably, many web design, advertising, and marketing agencies haven’t been able to grasp. The cost of bringing on another staff member, or five, to handle the daily responsibilities of researching, implementing, and reporting on your SEO efforts can be expensive.

The importance of search engine optimization as part of a marketing plan can no longer go unnoticed. Ascend2 research revealed that 89% of projects with properly implemented SEO achieved higher lead generation, improved search rankings, and higher website traffic.

At Jumpfactor, we are SEO resellers that have seen success working with advertising and marketing agencies. We offer an SEO reseller plan that is comparatively less than the cost of hiring and supporting an in-house team, without compromising on quality.

Our solutions with your branding gives your firm the resources to grow and build your brand reputation, with the ability to clearly prove successes to your client.
Our SEO reseller services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Social Media
  • Local Search
  • Video SEO
  • Analytics and Reporting

Our SEO reseller plan focuses on getting your client’s brand noticed. As of December 2015, Google had 94% of the worldwide mobile search market share, which is why it’s important to ensure a fully optimized site that complies with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Our team of highly trained SEO resellers ensure that we adopt only white hat policies and procedures that can get websites ranking without potentially suffering from a penalization.

Google wants what your clients want; user-friendly content, with unique, educational, and valuable content. Through fully-optimized content that adds value to your clients websites, we can ensure that their site ranks, while offering high-level, knowledgeable content that is targeted to your clients buyers. We’ve worked with clients in a wide range of industries, from IT to engineering to law firm marketing, our team knows how to get SEO results that can survive for the long-haul — despite frequent Google algorithm changes.

As an SEO reseller company, our SEO specialists at Jumpfactor look forward to helping your team drive sales and propel your firm ahead of your competition by creating B2B Marketing strategies that truly work.

Give us a call today to discuss a partnership that will set your firm up for success!

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