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Accounting and Financial Services Marketing

Custom Marketing for Accounting & Finance Firms

Marketing for Accountants, Accounting Firms & Financial Services

As an accounting professional, you know better than most business people that the long-term viability of your firm depends on maximizing the annual growth rate of your firm at the lowest cost per lead. According to accounting and financial industry marketing experts, firms that generate their leads online have a 53.8 percent two-year median annual growth rate, while those who implement traditional offline approaches only produce a growth rate of 14.6 percent.

CPA Firm Marketing

Surprisingly, accounting and financial firms have been slow to take advantage of the benefits of inbound marketing strategies as evidenced by the low 8 percent adoption rate of online marketing among CPA firms. One of the benefits of adopting web-based financial services inbound marketing strategy is that leads generated online cost 62 percent less than other methods. By partnering with a digital professional services marketing firm, like Jumpfactor, you gain a significant competitive advantage by leveraging the cost-effective lead generating power of the Internet before your competition does.

Internet Marketing for Accountants

In order for an inbound marketing campaign for accountants to succeed, the overall strategy need not only speak the language of the accounting and financial services industries, but also must convey a high level of financial industry authority. The only way to achieve this objective is to have a team of marketing professionals with extensive knowledge of the accounting and financial service industry. At Jumpfactor, we employ accounting marketing specialists that have the knowledge and skills to develop and execute a high ROI inbound marketing campaign that ensures the growth of your firm and produces significant bottom line returns.

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The Elements of Digital Marketing for Accounting Firms Include:

Accounting and Financial Services SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) for accounting and financial firms ensures your website ranks highly on the search engine results page by using keywords, such as audit preparation, GAAP and IPO due diligence, most likely to be used by people looking for your specific type of accounting services

Accounting and Financial Services Social Marketing

Content marketing and social media marketing for accountants provide the means to establish your accounting or financial services firm as an authority and thought leader by offering insight and commentary about the latest news in the accounting and financial services industry. Whether you are a Personal Financial Specialist, or a consultant specializing in corporate liquidations, our accounting and financial services Social and Digital Marketing Experts have the ability to connect with your target audience within the various social platforms and build relationships through engagement.

Accounting and Financial Services Web Design and Branding

Effective web design for accountants and financial services elicits a sense of confidence and trust in your accounting service offerings among those who visit your site;this is a critical component of lead generation for accountant and financial services firms. High performance branding creates a relationship with decision-makers who are in need of your accounting and financial services. The latter is essential for your accounting firm’s marketing success.

To discover how accounting firm marketing can benefit your business, contact the professional services marketing experts at Jumpfactor to schedule a consultation.

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