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Accounting / Finance Social Media

Social Media & Content Marketing for Accountants and Financial Services Firms

While a key element of any professional services inbound marketing campaign is to establish trust and credibility with prospective clients, it is especially important for accountants and financial firms. Content marketing provides a foundation to build this trust by establishing a platform to share your knowledge and insight about accounting and financial issues, such as regulatory compliance and reporting, and audit preparation. Content marketing  experts have discovered that 61 percent of consumers feel more comfortable working with an accounting or financial firm that offers customized content on their accounting website

For your content not to conflict with accounting and financial industry regulations, the writers who create the copy for your blogs, newsletters, and emails need to have experience working within the guidelines established for CPAs, CFPs, and other financial professionals. Jumpfactor’s copywriting team includes professionals with extensive experience in the accounting and financial services sector that create e-books, blog posts, emails, and newsletters that expose, engage, enroll, and enhance  your inbound marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Another element of inbound marketing for accountants and financial firms is the use of social media to extend the reach of your content marketing campaign to a targeted audience who is most likely to need your expertise as a CPA or CFA. According to a 2014 social media survey, 77 percent of accountants take advantage of the benefits of social media. In addition to knowing the social networks to target, the social media team for your accounting or financial services firm needs to have the skills and knowledge to work within the financial sector’s framework of stringent regulatory guidelines. By working with the Jumpfactor accounting and financial services social media marketing team, you effectively minimize the risks associated with social media discussed on AccountingWEB.

Listening to what people say about your firm social media networks not only provides insight about the efficacy of your marketing efforts, but it also serves as a powerful tool for reputation management. By leveraging their knowledge of your audience’s sentiment about your services as a C.P.A or C.T.FA, the Jumpstart team refines your firm’s marketing strategy to maximize the ROI for your marketing budget. Our team of accounting and financial services Digital Marketing Experts have the intimate knowledge of the accounting industry required to establish your accounting or financial firm as an industry thought-leader.

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To discover how accounting social and content marketing can benefit your business, contact the professional financial services marketing experts at Jumpfactor to schedule a consultation.

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