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Accounting SEO / Finance SEO

SEO for Accountants & Financial Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) for accounting and financial firms ensures your website ranks highly on the search engine results page (SERP) for keywords most likely to be used by people looking for your CPA or financial services. Another key aspect of an effective SEO strategy is a firm understanding of the different elements of the search engine algorithms that determine your corporate accounting firm’s websites rank on the SERP for a particular accounting or financial term, such as IPO consultation. A high-performance financial firm SEO strategy has the potential to double the traffic to your financial firm’s website in a matter of months, which opens the door to convert more people from website visitors to clientele who wants to pay for your accounting expertise. In terms of marketing dollars, the cost of SEO for accounting and financial services firms is highly cost-efficient and offers a 15 percent return on every dollar spent in accounting and financial services marketing for your firm.

SEO in the Finance Industry

In practical terms, an effective accounting professional service marketing  campaign that capitalizes on the benefits of SEO for finance and accounting services requires the following to generate leads:

  • Extensive knowledge of the accounting and finance authority websites, such as  the Association for Financial Professionals or ACCA,  in order to formulate an effective linking plan for the professional SEO strategy
  • The ability to judge what kind of content marketing for accountants strategy is relevant to prospective clients. For example, social media and demand generation content provide a means for accounting to start building the trust and credibility that serves as the cornerstone of all successful long-term client relationships with their accountants and their clients.
  • The demographic characteristics of people  considered high value leads who need accounting assistance in corporate tax preparation, SEC reporting guidance, or guidance in the tax advantages associated with different types of corporate structures for startup ventures.
  • An understanding of accounting social marketing  in order to target professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, where an accounting or financial firm is most likely to connect with business leaders who need a CPA firm’s expertise.
  • Ensuring the accounting web design is user friendly, well organized, and functions well, which exemplifies the transparency a successful accounting professional conveys to his or her clients. Additionally, the branding on the site needs to reflect the values the accounting firm shares with their clients.


SEO Company for Financial Companies & Services

To learn more about how SEO for accounting and financial websites can increase the traffic to your website and improve  your overall accounting firm marketing, contact the SEO experts to schedule a consultation.

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